A Harris County man charged with the 2006 murder of his girlfriend has been captured, authorities said Wednesday.

William Joseph Greer, 52, had been on the lam for more than a decade, earning a spot on the US Marshals list of Most Wanted fugitives.

Authorities say he killed his  28-year-old girlfriend, Tammy Marie Esquivel, on Dec. 19, 2006.

In a news release issued last year, the U.S. Marshals Service said that authorities only learned of the killing days later, when police found Greer in Cleveland, Tx., wandering partially naked and intoxicated. During the arrest, he confessed to using drugs and "accidentally" killing his girlfriend, according to release.

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Although he was arrested for public intoxication, authorities had no evidence of the confessed crime and released him the next day, authorities said.

They later learned that Greer left fled Texas the day he was released from jail, sparking a decade-long manhunt, with the Marshals Service offering tens of thousands of dollars for his capture.

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When Detectives searched the couple's home in north Harris County and found blood and a roll of industrial-strength plastic. Police believe Greer used the plastic to wrap Esquivel's body, which has not been found.

He was added to the Marshals "Most Wanted" list in 2016.

Investigators will provide details of his capture and arrest later today, according to officials with the Harris County Sheriff's Office and the Marshals Service.

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